El Warsha

Driving without concern! By providing a powerful network that offer guaranteed full-fledged car services, that fully covers Egypt and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Rescue Service

You can request this service when a sudden malfunction occurs that requires the car to be moved to the service center.

Tire Service

You can request this service if you need to supply the tire with air, repair a punctured tire or request a new one.

Battery Service

You can request this service if you need a new battery or need a battery connection.

Maintenance Reservation

You can request a maintenance reservation through the application at any authorized service center, to save time and go right on time without having to wait.

Car Care

You can request a reservation to wash your car at a car wash center, or request a car wash team to your car’s location.

Remind Me

This service helps remind you of your last car maintenance service timing and the services performed.


About Us

Using our expertise, we seek to provide you with all factors of safety and transparency while using our application. Our excellent group of customer service agents always strives to satisfy you with fast responses and a fair pricing policy. We rely on your continuous and honest evaluation of the service along with its provider, to help us strengthen the quality of our services.

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Phone Number : 02 22618857
Address : 4 Omarat el Obor, Salah Salem
Email : Info@el-warsha.com

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